Our Services

Sports Injuries

Our therapists have a wide range of experience with the elite and non-elite sporting population. We have experience in treating elite and non-elite athletes.

Post Sugery Rehab

Treatment post surgery is evidence based and guided by your surgeon and focuses on decreasing pain and swelling, regaining strength and more.

Bone & Joint Injuries

Fractures, stress fracture and bony bruising are all examples of bony injuries that can occur as a result of an accident or overuse.

Workplace & Motor Vehicle Accidents

We provide physiotherapy services to patients under workers compensation and third party insurance

Neck/Back Pain

. A number of structures in your back or neck can contribute to your pain and therefore pain manifests uniquely in each patient.

Headaches & Migraines

Physiotherapy can benefit headache and migraine suffers by reducing the intensity, severity and frequency of headache and migraine.

About our practice

Physiotherapy helps to restore normal function to your body by specifically targeting the musculoskeletal system to find the cause of your pain. We then help provide you with relief through joint mobilisation, soft tissue release and massage, electrotherapy, heat and ice. Other techniques such as acupuncture or exercise may also be utilised.
An accurate asessment and diagnosis is what we pride ourselves on.

Reassessment of your progress is made at every step along the way.

Our goal for every treatment is to provide realistic and lasting solutions to your problem.

Our Practioners

team member photo
Andrew Noyes

B.App.Sc (Physio)
Level 3 Sports Physiotherapy
Watson Headache Certified Headache and Migraine Therapist

team member photo
Gorden Gu

B.App.Sc (Physio)
Level 1 Sports Physiotherapy
ASCA Strength & Conditioning Level 1

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